SUUNA Community

We co-founded SUUNA Community as a natural step ⎯ for the teachers who were already working with us ⎯ bringing multiple micro-communities together to the benefit of all.

COMMUNITY for communities

SUUNA Community

Build on Mighty Networks, SUUNA creates the container for collections of spaces that hold various communities and courses cohorts. Think of SUUNA as the ground that supports a festival with multiple stages, circles and camping facilities.

SUUNA is a vibrant community where women unite to explore their inner selves and connect with nature. We foster personal growth, well-being, and mutual support, creating empowering stories together. While focusing on women's empowerment, we also invite men committed to personal growth. Our culture values empathy, learning, and respect, encouraging every member to flourish and inspire within a nurturing environment, celebrating our collective journey and connection to Earth.

SUUNA is for you if you seek to connect with people who share your values and aspirations for personal and spiritual growth. It offers a safe, supportive space where you can express yourself freely without fear of judgment. If you feel the need for a community that helps you develop and support your potential through regular meetings and engagement, SUUNA provides that. You'll find new resources such as courses, training, guided meditations, online seminars, and other tools to aid your emotional, personal, and professional development. It's a creative space where you can share your talents and experience to help others reach their potential while receiving support and feedback. SUUNA promotes values like kindness, authenticity, love, and mutual respect, helping you align with your own goals and discover new ways to connect with yourself.

SUUNA LUUNA - Cerc de lună nouă pentru femeiSUUNA LOGOSUUNA SUN - A space for men.
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New Members 30 Days Retention Rate  &   Member Activity Ratios | Past 30 Days
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Active Members Heatmap | Past 24 Months
PLATFORM & APP for managing online and offline events

SUUNA Events

SUUNA Guides are constantly offering online workshops and offline retreats. We needed a way to communicate these events efficiently, outside the community and handle flexible registration option and streamlined notification systems. For all that, we use and love

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Mighty integrates with ConvertKit for an additional fee. We are bootstrapped and like Substack better for it's impressive email deliverability, paywall options and podcasting features and distribution. Plus the network effect as a community growth channel. Subscribe for free, this is where everything gets announced first.

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SUUNA Library

We needed a place to host the recordings and package them nicely for participants of the live events but also for people that wanted to purchase them after the event. So we used Gumroad. And this way we are able to also use the integrated affiliate system so that we can give back a part of the energy to community members that recommend our programs.

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SUUNA WhatsApp

Because you just want something that you are already used to, something that is really convenient to use and get in touch with community members in dedicated groups or find quickly the details of the next events or the links to the recording if missed it.

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I have been working with Mihai for more than 3 years and the feeling that always stays with me during our collaboration is that I am in the right hands.
That I receive the right support, solutions, and creative input for the online expression of my work.
I fully trust Mihai, and it is always a pleasure to work with him, see his proposals, and know that he has my back regarding online creative support.
Thank you, Mihai, for doing with love what you are doing.

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The clarity session with you was tremendously invaluable to me so I now know how to optimize my Mailchimp account and how to be able to create the required automations for my upcoming campaign. Thank you for your time and your insight!

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"you are my business therapist!"

I was introduced to Mihai via Mailchimp. He taught me so very much. Then I re-hired him because I thought it would be better to learn and understand how to do new things and improve my overall results with his help. He is very knowledgeable, so I plan to continue hiring him to help me understand, so I can become more independent. He wants to help small businesses grow, so he is a perfect match. I highly recommend Mihai!

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Why do you want to do what you want to do? Why? What is the intention behind everything that you want to do? All things that are important to you should be intentional, no? Do you know the intention? Or do you have a hidden agenda that you just uncovered?

What to do when you have too much food on your plate?

Take a breath. Breath...Respira. First, you can attempt to accept things the way they are without the need to change them. Then, you can see if you can accept responsibility for what is in your control. Can you deliver your core material and you would be so good at it if you did not have to fondle so much with so many tools and platforms to get your thing out there? Respira.

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A fractal agency collaborating and creating partnerships with the most amazing human beings. Fractal is just our fancy way of saying that traditional marketing is replaced by the 3 filters of Socrates and we do work with the best people, it's just what it is. We specialize as community architects and tech co-founders in your business. Yes, we do work sometimes on equity.

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Houghrghhly rates is the most outdated collaboration system. The slower your contractor is, the more you have to pay him. How does that work for you? Everybody owns their own time. And one hour of work cannot be rated without taking into account years of experience and investments. Value can be measured. How valuable you allow my contribution to be is something you need to decide.

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On the page you are on.

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Soon, very soon.

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