We steward impactful communities and guide wisdom economy professionals on their digital journey from sprout to bloom.

We cultivate your vision and provide strategic clarity so that you're equipped to amplify your message and connect authentically with your community.

We are the proud chosen producers for
world-class teachers who have decades of embodied experience. And, we can work with you, too.

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Respira provides the strategic clarity and development of the mycelium and root network that supports your growth

inspired by (pine) trees... wisdom economy community architects & partners


You've found your Ikigai — you have a strong clarity of your purpose that's driving you to take the first steps toward your vision. You're filled with enthusiasm, but may feel uncertain about how to move forward.

Respira helps you gain confidence, hand-holding you to refine your vision and chart the path forward with practical, strategic steps.

The pine seed knows its purpose innately and sprouts, trusting the path it must follow. It's small but has the potential for immense growth.


You are building a vibrant community container that aligns with your purpose, while your extracurricular activities also expand. However, managing this growth adds new tasks that are not part of your core work, slowing down your progress.

Respira helps streamline your efforts, providing strategic advice and tools to organize your community engagement and focus on what truly matters, allowing you to prioritize your core work while managing extra commitments efficiently.

A young tree in the forest connects to an underground root network for support and nourishment. However, it also faces competition for resources and needs extra help to grow stronger.


You've refined your focus, returning to your core, your essence, and letting go of distractions. You’re now fully devoted to what matters most and ready to flourish.

Respira supports your blossoming journey by empowering you with targeted mentorship and scalable solutions to bring your vision to life while remaining anchored to your purpose.

The pine cone matures and reveals seeds with everything needed to thrive, capable of reaching its full potential and becoming a source of life.

We are on a MISSION

Are you tired of traditional marketing techniques that break your flow and wallet? Do you want to focus on your core work and get your output amplified so that it is visible and actionable by your perfect clients and partners?

So are we! And you, reading this right here now, are pre-qualified for our perfect clients and partners section.
Wether you are preparing for your next speaking engagement or want to multiply your revenue by teaching group classes, live and on-demand or just get a boost in relevant reach through partnerships and guest appearances, we are here to support you with all of that and more.

Feeling overwhelmed by technology?

You've trained so many years and are an expert in your field, the diplomas on your wall are a testament to that.

However you have no bandwidth left to launch your course, or figure out the onboarding sequence for your next event or sell without feeling you are betraying yourself.

And that's totally ok! When everybody does only what they love and enjoy doing, they do their best work. Team work!

Here is where we step in as your partners in your next professional endeavour. We have been called "business therapists" for a good reason - we help you visualise and feel the destination and reverse engineer the best next steps to get there.

Having clarity about where you are going, brings us faster to the ever-changing destination, ultimately creating our most valuable resource ...time.

Live project showcase

SUUNA Community

We co-founded SUUNA Community as a natural step ⎯ for the teachers who were already working with us ⎯ bringing multiple micro-communities together to the benefit of all.

As a multiplatform community, SUUNA creates the container for collections of spaces that hold various communities and courses cohorts, live events and packaged recordings.

Think of SUUNA as the ground that supports a festival with multiple stages, circles and camping facilities.

Working with Mihai has been a Godsend!

We had a big launch planned for an ebook and he complimented our team nicely bringing in his technical know-how, marketing strategies, and Mailchimp expertise. Plus, he is just fun to work with and good energy– you really feel like he cares about your project!
He has always gone the extra mile to provide beautiful work and thinking 2 steps ahead of the game in order to be prepared and optimize our launch sales and conversions. I recommend him blindly and can’t wait to continue our partnership!

Selene Flores
CEO & President, Céline Concierge
One hour with Mihai it’s like an awesome cup of coffee

Mihai is one of the most talented digital marketers I’ve worked with. One hour with Mihai it’s like an awesome cup of coffee, it will lift your spirits, inspire you and best of all grow your sales and improve your online marketing. I highly recommend!

Kine Paulsen
dedication, vision, and excellence in execution

Mihai is a rare find. Such an incredible level of dedication, vision, and excellence in execution is a gift to any company. He is generous with his talents, time, and efforts. Working with Mihai has been pure luck.

Alina Trigubenko
Founder & CEO,

You are here because we co-create with the most amazing human beings

Your best next step.

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Hi, I'm Mihai, and I'm looking forward to meeting you. I value community, clarity, excellence in execution, and intentional receiving through wholehearted giving.
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"You are my business therapist!“

I have been working with Mihai for more than 3 years and the feeling that always stays with me during our collaboration is that I am in the right hands.
That I receive the right support, solutions, and creative input for the online expression of my work.
I fully trust Mihai, and it is always a pleasure to work with him, see his proposals, and know that he has my back regarding online creative support.
Thank you, Mihai, for doing with love what you are doing.

Laura Maria Yara

The clarity session with you was tremendously invaluable to me so I now know how to optimize my Mailchimp account and how to be able to create the required automations for my upcoming campaign. Thank you for your time and your insight!

Dineshrie Pillay
Communication Coach,

"you are my business therapist!"

I was introduced to Mihai via Mailchimp. He taught me so very much. Then I re-hired him because I thought it would be better to learn and understand how to do new things and improve my overall results with his help. He is very knowledgeable, so I plan to continue hiring him to help me understand, so I can become more independent. He wants to help small businesses grow, so he is a perfect match. I highly recommend Mihai!

Janice Goldsmith Jucker
President and Co-Owner, Three Brothers Bakery
Tech we use

Respira has powerful allies

Using powerful tools does not have to be a burden. Having clarity about where you want to go creates speed of execution in the present, ultimately creating time, our most valuable resource. RESPIRA can help with that.
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Questions that are not asked Frequently Enough

QFE is the new FAQ

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Why do you want to do what you want to do? Why? What is the intention behind everything that you want to do? All things that are important to you should be intentional, no? Do you know the intention? Or do you have a hidden agenda that you just uncovered?

What to do when...[your-current-pain-here]?

Take a breath. Breath...Respira. First, you can attempt to accept things the way they are without the need to change them. Then, you can see if you can take responsibility for what is in your control. Can you deliver your core material and you would be so good at it if you did not have to fondle so much with so many tools and platforms to get your thing out there? Respira.

What is Respira?

Respira is a boutique agency that collaborates with and creates partnerships among the most incredible professionals. We specialise as community architects and can act as a tech co-founder in your business, guiding your digital journey with strategic clarity towards your vision. Sometimes we even work on part-equity to ensure a collaborative, thriving ecosystem. Our role is to empower wisdom economy professionals to amplify their message and connect authentically with their communities.

Respira comes from Latin respirare "breathe again, breathe in and out," from re- "again" + spirare "to breathe"

What is your hourly rate?

Houghrghhly rates is the most outdated collaboration system. The slower and less efficient your contractor is, the more you have to pay him. How does that work for you? Everybody owns their own time. And one hour of work cannot be rated without taking into account years of experience and investments. Value can be measured. How valuable you allow my contribution to be is something you need to decide.

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